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8:34am 01-31-2016
Adam YR6
I was reading Spring 2014 chronicle. I saw Mrs. Smith's retirement story. I had a tear to my eye. Miss you Mrs. Smith x
4:19pm 01-21-2016
i love this school
5:20pm 12-09-2015
Adam Class 6
So glad to be in Year 6 with Mrs.Childs, Mrs Jarrett and Mrs Leech.

I will be sad when I leave.
9:44am 07-18-2015
I can't believe it I am going in to Year 6 already!!
9:11pm 05-05-2015
Codi poyner
It's mad to think that this school got me were I am now from being the little loud mouth in year 6 back in 2010 to leaving school at the end of year 9 to go to medical school I can tell you this from experience I couldn't of got there without kitwell tho isn't just a school it's a family no one is to bad or to good for this school Becuase the school knows everyone's needs and fends for them nothing is to big of a problem they dot give up on you and without that I wouldn't know what to do with my life kitwell has been the one main thing that had gavee the courage to achieve in life and not give up on my dreams so any parents looking around to find what school to send your child kitwell should be at the top of your list no matter what they won't give up on you thank you
Replied on: 7:11pm 05-06-2015

That's a lovely message, Codi. Thank you for posting it. Glad you're doing well!!
Mr. K.

1:27pm 02-14-2015
Hi guys just wanted to say how much i miss kitwell
8:52am 09-07-2014
I really like class 5 with miss southall and mrs jarrett and mrs leech!
8:10am 04-12-2014
Goodbye Miss Young. You will be missed in Year 4 Hearts and we will miss you From AdamGOODBYE!!
8:20pm 02-28-2014
Now Adam apparently your taking over the guestbook
8:08am 02-24-2014
Laura YR4
Looooooooooooooooooooove year now I fell much better to see miss young and mrs Jarrett and mrs twomey on Thursdays can't wait to go back to school tomorrow.
8:03am 02-24-2014
Laura YR4
Just checked the kitwell twitter page we've got a e-mail from Leeds
11:00am 02-15-2014
Adam YR4
Just checked the Kitwell twitter page we've got a e~mail
from west yorkshire
3:47pm 02-09-2014
In class 4 we have our very own boxes with our pens pencils sharpener rubber and glue sticks and scissors
10:57am 02-02-2014
Adam Maclean
In Class 4 we have our very own boxes with our own Pens Pencils rubber sharpener
10:11pm 01-14-2014
Mrs Allen
Hello class 4, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and have settled back into school. I hope you are working hard for your new teacher and you are helping her around the classroom. I have started in my new school and have met all the children( there are only 82 of them in the whole school! ) Everyone has made me feel very welcome but I miss you all and hope to come and visit soon. Thank you. again for my wonderful gifts and messages, you were all so generous.
Happy new year!
Lots of love from Mrs Allen
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