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10:11pm 01-14-2014
Mrs Allen
Hello class 4, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and have settled back into school. I hope you are working hard for your new teacher and you are helping her around the classroom. I have started in my new school and have met all the children( there are only 82 of them in the whole school! ) Everyone has made me feel very welcome but I miss you all and hope to come and visit soon. Thank you. again for my wonderful gifts and messages, you were all so generous.
Happy new year!
Lots of love from Mrs Allen
6:29pm 01-12-2014

Like my new Teacher Miss Young

But i really miss Mrs Allen
5:49pm 01-11-2014
laura davis
cant wait for my job on Monday i like my teacher miss young
7:33pm 12-15-2013
laura davis
liked your poem teigan terrific can1t wait for saint leonards church on tuesday
12:19pm 12-14-2013
laura davis
hello teigan
7:51pm 12-09-2013
4:24pm 12-05-2013
at my nans and she has checked the football blog wat me and jerbal done
4:21pm 12-05-2013
year 6 rule me and cally c are taking ove the world bumshakalaka
8:30pm 12-03-2013
Taylor h
5:18pm 12-02-2013
Now Callum your taking over the guestbook
11:06pm 11-29-2013
Callum year 6
wow wow wow all theses yr 4s are apparently taking over this guest book but NO no noNO lagth out loud relli year 6 rule now so boyakasha
6:01pm 11-25-2013
laura davis
I really liked my brass lesson today with Mr Douglas
Thank you Mr Douglas.
6:46pm 11-15-2013
adam maclean
What a great film in Film Club!!!
Thank you Miss Clifton
4:10pm 11-08-2013
adam maclean
I love film club
Film club is awesome!!!
6:13pm 11-07-2013

been to Blakesley Hall what a day we had
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