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5:26pm 03-06-2013
I miss Kitwell very much, kitwell has helped me alot, my attitude towards my learning and my selfhas changed (in a good way) I am pleased to say I went to kitwell, x
4:56pm 03-01-2013
I miss kitwell soooooo much.
I wish I could still be there but I hade to move on
Miss you kitwell
Chloe xxx
7:16pm 02-27-2013
Shelby Plant
Aww I miss being at Kitwell sooo muchh!! Bartley is good but Kitwell will alwayss be way better !
Miss You all so much!
Shelby x
3:59pm 02-12-2013
I am really happy that I chose to come to kitwell!
: )
3:24pm 01-14-2013
Daniel Grant (Fenly)
My oldest daughter Amelia starts school in September and this brought back memories of my own first day at school. I started in reception class, my teacher being Mrs Smith, but this was before she became Mrs Smith.
My Daughter has asked if she could see the schools I went to. I started looking to see if some of the teachers I was taught by we're still there, but alas no. No Mr Cunningham and no Mrs Smith.

I no longer live in Birmingham and have travelled and lived all over the UK and Ireland. But I think a little trip there to show my daughter where I grew up is on the cards.

I thought I would just post and thank Kitwell School and the teachers back in 1984 > for the positive effect they had

Daniel Grant
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1:33pm 12-28-2012
kitwell is the best school in the world
9:20pm 12-11-2012
Lorraine Hadley
i came ot see the Foundation Christmas Concert this morning as my nephew, Jake, was taking part. i would just like to say how lovely the concert was and to say a big thank you to all the staff involved in putting on the show. The school was very welcoming.

Thank you
8:52am 12-02-2012
Mrs Ascen Vitores
I was so glad to visit your page! I am a Spanish teacher who did her teacher training at Kitwell in 1997 (I think this is the right year). I would like to thank you for everything I learned thanks to Mrs Worton and Mr Cunningham. I do not know whether they are still there. Wonderful people and great environment. Whatever year I teach has always some trace of the way you work. Thanks again and carry on with the good work.
8:33pm 11-08-2012
helllo kitwell is great
1:16am 10-26-2012
codi poyner
hello to all the teaches and would like to thank them fo all there help and support that the eaches gave me if it was not for them i would not be wee i am now in the top set and trying my hadest to acheive the best so thank you and thats not just from me i think all of my friends who left with me in september but most of all i want to thank mr o fo getting us all though our sats i miss kitwell but it will always be a big part of my life
7:17pm 10-18-2012
miss kitwell bartleys fun but kitwells better
1:57pm 10-17-2012
Mrs Payne
Hello to all of the year 6 children who left us at the end of July 2012 to begin the next stage in their education. We think about you all very much and hope that you have had a good half term and settled well into year 7. Work hard, have fun, and don't forget us!
Mrs Payne
3:23pm 10-07-2012
Hi, I can't believe im in year 8, I miss kitwell verry much, is everyone ok? And I heard theres chickens!
8:23pm 10-03-2012
Hi, Hope everyone is ok
missing kitwell soooo much
its very different at bartley
10:56am 10-01-2012
Frankie Ashton
I can't beilieve that it has been 6 years since I was a t Kitwell wish I was back there now. Come along way since then. Good luck too all of the students who are in year 6 going to year 7. You will all do great! Miss all of the old teachers that I had Missing everyone loads xxx
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