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1:53pm 01-12-2012
heyyyy guys!
we miss you all (except mr k ) jokiiiinnnnggg miss you all hear the schools goin well keep cooooool
7:42pm 12-18-2011
Vicky Bannard
Merry Christmas to all pupils and staff, thinking of you all and wishing you a happy 2012. Enjoy your last couple of days of term.
Best wishes always
Miss Bannard xx
9:59am 09-13-2011
Mrs Payne
Dear Stephen,
Many congratulations on your A level results. It is always wonderful to hear from past pupils. I am sure you will have a wonderful few years at Manchester University - we hope that many of our students will be aspiring to go to college and university too and follow in your footsteps.
Best wishes,
Mrs Payne Headteacher
3:20am 09-12-2011
Stephen King
I move on Thursday to study Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester, feels so strange that I left kitwell seven years ago,
It's odd!
12:07am 09-07-2011
Vicky Bannard
Mrs Payne and everyone at Kitwell
I've just read your latest OFSTED report - it made for fantastic reading and I'm so proud of each and everyone of you. Hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and are now ready to tackle the term ahead. I'm still missing you all lots but hopefully I'll be able to come and see you all in the new year. Take care all and keep up the excellent work.
Miss Bannard xxx
10:02pm 09-02-2011
Hi can't wait to come back to Kitwell on the seventh of September. Looking forward to it !!!
12:25pm 08-15-2011
Mrs Payne
Hello to you all down there in Cornwall! I am pleased you are settling in well and Ellie has made some friends already. I hope the sun is shining for you all! We will hopefully have the photos at school by early September and will post them to you as soon as we can. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, Mrs Payne.
12:40am 08-02-2011
jackie giles
hi all at kitwell ellie has settled in down here nicely she is due to start her new school (bugle) on the 7 september and she cant wait. She does miss her friends at kitwell very much but cant wait to make new ones at her new school. She has made some new friends here too and is coming out of her self even more i will keep you all up dated and will get her to write to you too. Could you please let me know when her class photo will be sent as i cant wait to put it up on her wall so she dose not forget her freinds in birmingham thank you and good night x
8:55am 07-25-2011
Jenny Edwards
Thank you Mr Ward and thank you to all of the children, staff and parents who made my last day at Kitwell so special. I was overwhelmed by the amount of cards, gifts and good wishes given to me. It was so sad to walk out of the door for the last time. Kitwell school will always have a very special place in my heart.
9:51pm 07-22-2011
Chris Ward
Very sad day, saying goodbye to Mrs Edwards, a great teacher and a lovely lady. Best of luck with your future endevours, you'll do fantastically well!

Michael and Sami are all the better for your tuition and guidence!
6:55pm 07-19-2011
Mrs Payne
Hello Mrs Guy, Thank you for your message. I am pleased you like our blogs! If you are ever visiting your grandaughter, please pop in and visit us! Mrs Payne - Head teacher
1:00am 07-17-2011
Mrs Guy
I love reading the reception blog to learn what my grandaughter Shaniece has been doing in school. I live in London so only see her during the school holidays. Thanks.
9:16pm 07-08-2011
mrs wincott
Just listened to the choir post and i have to say wow it was brilliant and keanu we are definately going to be hearing you on the radio with a number 1 record x x
9:24am 07-06-2011
christopher evans
I remember the days that i was in kitwell. couldnt wait till the days comes till i leave. its nearly 8 years since i left kitwell now. and i would do anything to resit my school life. everyone whos goes to kitwell now cherish every moment you have their now because the minture you leave thats when life begins. I cant remember the teacher from when i was their only a couple. Mr kendrick. Mr Bassett. Mrs Cooke. thats for a great 5 years.
9:02pm 07-04-2011
Ammie Morris
ohh i realy miss kitwell soo much, almost been a full 3 three years i cant believe it lol knowing that im almost in year 10 is soo scary but ALL the work pays off, thank you to all of the teachers that tought me, and to every pupil, enjoy your time in primary school you will miss it x
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